About Us

  • Who are the "The Wild Horse Stallions?"
    At Wild Horse Elementary, our goal is to educate the “whole child.”  

    This means that we weave together strong academic expectations

     with character education and social/emotional well-being.

    Our Mission Statement:

    Guiding all students toward a successful tomorrow by learning,

    loving and leading.

    “The Stallion Six” Success Skills:

    • Respect: “I show I care with my words, actions and behaviors.” 
    • Empathy: “I understand how someone else is feeling.”
    • Self-Control: “I am in charge of my thoughts and actions.”
    • Grit:  “ I keep working toward a goal even when it’s hard.”
    • Embracing Diversity:  “I recognize and appreciate the differences among us.”
    • Integrity: “I do what I know is right, even when no one is looking.”


    Throughout the year, students will learn about these values, identify them in action, and be given opportunities to put them into practice.


    School-Wide Expectations:

    Respect Yourself, Respect Others, Respect Learning, Respect Property


    The Wild Horse Chant
    Every day during morning announcements,  students recite this chant and are reminded what it means to be a Wild Horse Stallion.

    The Stallion Six

    The Stallion Six

    To have success

    The Stallion Six



    And empathy

    We all embrace



    With self-control 

    And using grit

    We show respect 

    Through all of it


    Hey, Wild Horse Stallions

    Shout it out loud

    The Stallion Six

    Will make us proud!


    Please partner with us at home by using these words,  identifying them in action, and celebrating when they are put into practice.