Appeal Process

  • The Rockwood Gifted Program (RGP) may consider an appeal if one of the following conditions exists:

    1. An error was discovered in the original paperwork submitted to the RGP.
    2. New information is available that would be relevant to the RGP identification process.
    3. There is believed to be a circumstance or condition that would invalidate initial testing results.

    Steps in the Appeal Process

    1. Contact the psychometrist who conducted the initial testing of your student.  The psychometrist will review the testing circumstances and scores with you.  The psychometrist's contact information can be found in the decision letter you received.
    2. After the discussion with the psychometrist, if you wish to proceed with an appeal, please complete the RGP Identification Appeal Form. Submit the completed form to the RGP Identification Office at the address located on the Appeal Form. Appeal forms must be received within 30 days of the date listed on the RGP decision letter. Only a parent or guardian may submit an appeal for identification.
    3. Information is reviewed by the Appeals Committee. This committee includes the Program Director, CCL Administrative Intern, RGP counselors, and Psychometrists. Additional district staff knowledgeable about the student may also be consulted.  The Appeals Committee will review the information contained in the original file as well as any new information provided by the parents and school that supports the appeal condition and is consistent with RGP identification guidelines. The Appeals Committee will meet within 30 days of receipt of the Appeal Application.
    4. After reviewing the application, the Appeals Committee may choose to request additional data or will make a decision based on existing information.
    5. Parents or guardian will receive written notice of the decision of the Appeals Committee within 10 days of the decision meeting. Decisions are not released by phone, fax, email, or in person. All decisions made by the Appeals Committee are final.